Shein: Vintage Inspired Patterned Ankle Booties

Sometimes you need a pair of booties that look like a couch your grandmother once had. With the Vintage Inspired Patterned Ankle Booties from Shein you can invoke memories of that plastic covered couch that made crunching sounds and stuck to your legs when you sat on it. You’ll also have a pair of stylish booties which go with a lot of things you already own.

Joy Carry: Gold Threader Earrings

How many times have you lost the backing to an earring? All of the times, ever, right? They end up lost on the ground forever and when you lose the backing to an earring, it’s pretty much guaranteed you’re going to lose the earring too. That’s the worst. You’re like, “Where’s the back of my earring?” and then it’s too late. Well, these Gold Threader Earrings from Joy Carry don’t require backings. You can’t lose something that’s not there.

Yes Style: Masowild Butterfly Embroidered Shirt

Winged insects serve a purpose in our world. Not sure exactly what that purpose is but some of them are colourful and pretty. Butterflies are moths on Prozac. So what if they have to take medication to happy? Most of us do. Respect the moth’s medicated cousin with the Masowild Butterfly Embroidered Shirt from Yes Style. The butterfly is small enough that it doesn’t take over the whole shirt.

Front Row Shop: Floral Fit and Flare Dress

Flowers are pretty but they have a secret weapon inside them that turns noses red and eyes to waterfalls. That weapon is pollen and it’s the worst. It’s hard to get flowers without pollen because they’re like equipped with it. Or something. Ask a scientist. For those of us who are allergic to pollen but still want pretty flowers, there’s the Floral Fit and Flare Dress from Front Row Shop.

Dark Seas: Depot Pant

Pants are necessary. Especially when you leave the house. Unless it’s shorts weather, which it is very much not right now. If you’re looking for a new pair of pants, try the Depot Pant from Dark Seas. Technically these are dude pants but that doesn’t mean that they can’t be worn by anyone. They’re 100% cotton, have back pockets and do the most important thing a pant can do: cover your legs and keep them from getting cold.



Leisure: Italian Wool Mock Neck Sweater

It’s still cold outside. What can you wear to keep yourself warm that also looks awesome? A snowsuit? No way! You’re not skiing right now, you’re being casual. You need something that looks like it just came off the runway but is comfortable, cozy and pairs well with everything from jeans to leggings to that faux-leather skirt you got from that vintage place. Made in Canada and ready to keep you warm, it’s the Italian Wool Mock Neck Sweater from Leisure!

The Bay: Hudson’s Bay Company Striped Socks

Socks are more than tiny sleeping bags for your feet. They’re little bursts of colour and can be the missing ingredient necessary to complete any outfit. Take this classy pair from one of Canada’s oldest companies. These striped socks can make your outfit. Plus, the best part about socks is that they’re your little secret when you’re hiding them in shoes. One size fits all and that one size will fit you.