DSquared2: Silk T-shirt

Ah yes, the T-shirt. An item of clothing so special that we all bow before it as if it was Beyoncé asking for directions to the closest 7-Eleven. It can be worn alone, with a light jacket, a heavy coat, slacks, jeans, a long skirt, a mini skirt – the possibilities are endless. Explore the possibilities of the Silk T-shirt from DSquared2. It’s silk, which translates to soft. It’s black, which translates “matches with everything” and Beyoncé would probably wear it.

Tom Ford: Houndstooth Small Collar Print Shirt

As of late, Tom Ford’s been making more movies than clothes. When he’s not hobnobbing (a real word, probably invented by hobbits to describe rave culture in the shire. Not to be confused with hobgobbing, which is when a hobbit dates a goblin and the hobbit’s friends disapprove) with Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhaal, he’s still creating stuff you can wear.

J. Crew: Chambray Regent Blazer

Chambray for what? Chambray with everything. Eventually it won’t be cold outside and you can wear the J. Crew Chambray Regent Blazer as a light jacket. Wouldn’t that be nice? Imagine a world where you didn’t have to dig your car out from under 40 centimetres of snow? Imagine a place so magical that December – April were warm and sunny instead of this chilly hellhole we see outside right now?

Gravity Pope: Nudie Jean’s Lean Dean

In 1871 two dudes were all like, “We are sooooo done with trousers. We want to look rad and be comfortable.” Thus, jeans were born. Jeans have come a long way since Levi Strauss and Jacob W. Davis created them, but the classics never go out of style. With Gravity Pope’s Nudie Jean’s Lean Dean jeans (say that with a mouth full of cinnamon!), you get a classic look with a tapered leg and a zip fly. That’s right, a zip fly because button fly is dumb.


Melissa McCarthy Seven7: Double Draped Peplum Blouse

You know how Melissa McCarthy is one of the greatest performers of our time? You know how you watch her in interviews and are all like, “I want to wear what she is wearing.”? Well, now you can. With her clothing line Melissa McCarthy Seven7, you too can dress like a national treasure. The Double Draped Peplum Blouse is the perfect way to unleash your inner comedian whilst looking fly as all eff.



Misguided: Hooded Faux Wool Duster Coat

When it drizzles, you don’t want to schlep around an umbrella. You want to wear a coat with a hood to protect your precious hair from those fizzly (could be word, you don’t know!) little droplets of pollution. Misguided’s Hooded Faux Wool Duster Coat will protect your hair and you’ll look like you just stepped out of the pages of a magazine. One like ours! (Shout out to print.)




Out Of The Broom Closet: Tartan Choker

If you haven’t noticed, chokers are back. They’re taking over our necks and upping our fashion game one piece of leather/ribbon/cotton/polyester at a time. You can poo-poo this trend or you can embrace it like a warm cup of chicken soup when you have the flu. Speaking of the flu, this Tartan Choker from Nova Scotia’s Out Of The Broom Closet is siiiiick. You know, like the kids say. Do they still say that?

Aritzia: Crémazie Skirt

The Crémazie Skirt from Aritzia is versatile, which is the most important thing a skirt can be. Pair it up, pair it down, pair it with whatever you want because it can go from classy to sassy in a flash. Made of rich vegan suede (whatever that means) this soft skirt from one of our country’s most beloved retailers is going to become a staple in your wardrobe. Why don’t you own this skirt yet? Why haven’t you added it to your wardrobe yet? Seriously, why?

Vitaly Design: Soho X Matte Black Mesh Watch

Your phone tells time but did you know that your wrist can too? Watches are something that old folk (re: people 30 years and older) used to find out the time. Sure, your phone can also check your email and whatnot but the Soho X Matte Black Mesh Watch from Vitaly Design is a stylish timepiece that doesn’t do anything except tell time and look great on your wrist. Go ahead and check your email on your phone, but leave the time-telling to this bad boy.



Citadel Clothing Company: Turret Tee

Black tees are an essential part of anyone’s wardrobe. You probably have a few hanging in your closet right now. Or maybe they’re folded in a drawer? Or strewn over the back of a chair? Or in a pile on the floor? No matter where they are, you can always use some more because black tees are a fashion staple. This black tee is made in Canada and has a turret on it. A turret is a pointy thingy that protrudes from a fortress or castle. It’s not important.