Prospekt Supply

Launched online a few months ago, this Canadian founded, NYC-based brand, Prospekt Supply, may seem to be in infantile stages, but they know exactly what they’re doing already. Based on the oxymoronic principles of luxury and simplicity, Prospekt Supply’s pilot launch is their Product No. 1: Windbreaker, an exclusive, versatile and wearable limited edition jacket available online.

Gitana Outfitters

Gitana was born a year ago, after a road trip to California that founder Laura Wiet took with some people she met on Craigslist. After a creative, unusual, and photography filled trip, Wiet returned home and founded Gitana—meaning “gypsy” in Spanish—which created itself organically as a creative outlet, melding her love of travelling and fashion.

Mona Sultan Scarves

Mona Sultan is a citizen of the world first, Vancouver graphic designer-turned-accessories designer second. The Syrian born, French educated, Canadian living creative, pulls from all her differing cultural influences and love of history to curate her intricately made, gorgeous, colourful and thoughtfully designed silk chiffon scarves.