The Art Of Uprising

When Assad sends his troops to knock down doors, break hands, or shoot people point blank, simply for expressing their beliefs using their paint, pencils, lyrics or words, it’s easy to see why artists would stop doing what they love and using it in protest against these Nazi-style attacks against creatives.

Digital Polaroid Cameras

Did you know that Polaroid have a line in instant digital cameras?! Yep – a digital camera, that’s also a Polaroid camera. We didn’t either! And, their newest edition, the Z2300, is actually amazing. A small digital camera, with a three-inch LCD screen, that prints photos in less than a minute, and in the retro Polaroid style that we love, and custom borders to choose from. We want one. NOW. Available now, in black or white, with a not too hefty $159.99 USD price tag, and shipping starting from August 15.

40 Under 40 | Olek

If you happened to be in Toronto or Montreal and noticed that one of the landmarks that you walk by everyday was suddenly covered in crocheted yarn, it was probably the work of Agata Olek AKA Olek. This Polish born, New York based artist, has been covering objects in cities, and even people, around the world with brightly coloured yarn for quite some time now.

Bored turns Chicago into a board game

The street artist, or collective, that go by the name Bored have found a way to take street art to a whole new level. They have turned the streets of Chicago into a Monopoly board, complete with plywood Chance and Community Chest cards that are bolted together, as well as dice and the little green houses. The idea is to push beyond typical stencil street art and encourage interactivity with passersby.

Tyler Armstrong | Guillotine Dreams

Tyler Armstrong is a fairly new addition to the Toronto art scene, but this artist has been painting for years, and what started as a weekend hobby has transformed into a heated passion. A self taught artist, Tyler daringly creates haunting and darker images with wild lines and vibrant colour that seem to balance in perfect harmony along side the disturbing imagery.

It's Cool, I'm Good | Stanya Kahn

Critically acclaimed, and downright hilarious LA artist Kahn presents her first European exhibition during the Olympics. Using fragile humour to tackle her personal trauma and deeper global concerns, her works’ are lined with her own brand of self-deprecation. Who else would dress up in a giant foam penis all in the name of art?! Phalluses aside, this combination of video and drawings also includes tragicomic heroes and paper puppets. At the Cornerhouse, Manchester, UK. 23 June – 16 September.

Andrew Fairclough | Improbable Jams

Not quite with the same intentions as Luda once asked, or musical penchant, but “Who is your Fantasy Supergroup and where would they play your dream gig”?” is the question posed by illustrator Andrew Fairclough. His Improbable Jams project then turns these musical mash-ups, no matter how ridiculous, into an on-going series of one off posters, commemorating improbable gigs, played by even more implausible bands.