1 Canoe 2 | Letterpress Calendar

Happy New Year! We've all said goodbye to last year—with "Dear 2013" Facebook statuses and "Best Moments on Instagram" slideshows (that Statigram theme song is still stuck in our heads)—but now it's time to turn over a new leaf, as they say. A new year, a new blank page, a new calendar. Sure, our computers and phones have a calendar App, but it's always nice to have a physical reminder of the date up on the wall, on our desk, and in our hands. We are smitten over this 2014 Letterpress Calendar by 1 Canoe 2, who drew out each design, month, and number by hand and printed their 6" x 3.5" monthly calendars on a heavy cardstock that places neatly into a charming little wood stump. The stump varies is size because "that's how Mother Nature likes it," and as a bonus it can be used to hold photos or notes once the year is done.

You can find 1 Canoe 2 items available at Nineteen Ten in Vancouver, Scout in Toronto and available online at

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