Stay Pretty

Featuring diverse faces and creative beauty, Stay Pretty is not your typical makeup blog. Created by makeup artist Jenna Kuchera—who has just recently come off from working the world's Fashion Weeks with international makeup artist icon, Pat McGrath, and who we have had the pleasure of working with on many issues of ION Magazine, including covers for Haim and Sleigh Bells—along with photography by Katrin Braga, Stay Pretty is a project that is "fun, experimental, sometimes educational, be in fashion, be out of fashion, introduce you to cool people doing cool things, constantly change, use very little or no photoshop, create characters, keep you inspired, make you laugh, give you some questions, be collaborative, colourful, and silly." 

Follow Stay Pretty for some seriously cool makeup inspiration and check out their first video, Stay Pretty LOL.

STAY PRETTY LOL from Stay Pretty on Vimeo.

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