ACTORS Debut New Song + Interview

Jason Corbett from ACTORS has become one of the leading characters steering the Vancouver independent music movement, and although it seems like it happened over night, it has been brewing for years. He's a plucky, pithy talent and not only do we have an exclusive of their new song, but we have a fun back and forth with him to start off your week. Enjoy.

What's the worst part about full length albums in 2016?

That I don't have enough time to listen to them. I know you're setting me up to tee off but I'm not taking that bait on the record. 

If you could avoid having a congruent career path of any musician/producer living or dead, who would it be?

Phil Spector comes to mind. Sometimes you feel like shooting someone is the best option even though 9 times out of 10 it's not. 

What's that tenth time though?

I think it's different for everyone. We all have our triggers... triggers. 

Why the all caps for the band name?

It looks less apologetic. But really I just wanted to maximize Google searches. Very punk shit. 

Lol. Okay, but you know caps don't do anything for SEO, right? Like, you should have done that thing that bands and DJs did ten years ago and removed all the vowels, CTRS or @ct0rs or something. 

Do you think I knew that at the time?! The interweb was a different place in 2012. I should have just put "sucks" after the name. It's all the rage now. I could've been ahead of the curve. 

Actual actors are pretty much the worst people ever though, right?

Are we talking leading men? Character actors? Let's be honest, it's the comedians you gotta keep an eye on. 

Yeah, like that Slade song about actors that Great Big Sea covered. So what's your favourite Great Big Sea song?

Great Big Sea are one of those "tenth time" bands for me. 

Which songs and/or artists are you into that would surprise your listeners and peers to find out?

I have an even darker past. Obituary, Cathedral, Entombed, Godflesh, etc... you get the picture. I don't know, is that even surprising?

So you didn't once spend an entire cross-country tour making your bandmates listen to a Rihanna record on repeat then?

"Umbrella" is one of the best pop songs of all time. That album is a smorgasbord of hits. My bandmates were hooked second song in. We couldn't stop listening to it! Cocaine, Rihanna, and the open road. Bliss. 

When did you know you could do music full time and not be living in a cardboard box?

It's creeping up on two years without a "day job" Not gonna lie, I had nightmares for the first four months. I'm very thankful to have found a vocation that's so fulfilling. Some days I'll be driving to work and I'll laugh out loud in a fit of joy. I feel like Bender at the end of The Breakfast Club. 

That's funny cos you kinda look like Bender.

 So do you. 

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