After Dark: DL Jones' Bonafide BDay Bonanza

Earlier this week in The Local, we introduced you to Montreal's premiere party promoter, DL Jones. If you're not sure what to get up to for a fun night in MTL, following his lead is a safe bet. On that note, tonight he'll be celebrating his birthday in a big way.

He's teamed up with Godberd, a non-profit organization providing free or low-cost workshops and rental spaces with an aim to help the Montreal art scene grow, to kill two birds with one stone: have a killer birthday party for one of the hardest working promoters around, and raise some funds for the Godberd Foundation.

The Peer Pressure DJs, A-Rock, Shaydakiss and Hatchmatik, and a few special guests will be rocking the turntables, including an opening set by Gayance. Open bar all night. Can't beat that!

$25 online, $30 at the door.

2050 Joly Avenue, Montreal.

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