AIR's JB Dunckel presents "Transhumanity" Video


The Transhumanism movement, defined in part by the British philosopher Max More in the 90s, is based around the concepts of transforming the human condition with the help of emerging technologies. One musical outfit that has represented these ideas, through their music and they way they have chosen to represent themselves, is French electro pop sensations Air. Today one half of those sexy boys, JB Dunckel, has released the video for his single "Transhumanity" off of his upcoming album H+. With it's bouncy, airy synths, musically the track seems to be drawing back to the duos Moon Safari days. Dated this isn't though. The sounds are as fresh and vital as ever exuding an optimism that is rarely heard in music these days. Beautifully shot at magic hour with a kaleidoscopic effect that enhances the song's dreamlike aura, the clip shows Jean-Benoit traveling through an empty city in the back of a driverless car. "Transhumanity" exudes a calming and hopeful sentiment that can, even if for a moment, transform your outlook on the human existence and lull you into a sense of peace and, even in the best of times, isn't that just what good pop music is for?

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