Alex Cameron Presents "Politics of Love" Video

Alex Cameron has been called a lot of things. Art Sleaze. Smarmy. Or as one YouTube commenter pointed out, he is, “Disgusting, but I love it.” One descriptor that always should come up when the Australian entertainer’s name comes up is talented. Cameron’s album Forced Witness was released earlier this year and contains some of the more wonderfully written and performed songs that have been released in the last while and today we have been treated to the video for the album's final track “Politics Of Love”. Coming from the mind of Cameron’s business partner/saxophone player Roy Malloy, the clip is, quite literally, the end credits for the album. Although shot beautifully, it may not be the most dynamic way to spend almost five minutes visually but aurally the song could have been set to almost anything and still be captivating. All hinging on a transcendent keyboard line and chock full of hooks without becoming saccharine, “Politics Of Love” balances the fine line between pure pop and pure artistry. One balance we will surely all be treated to when Cameron and his band embark on the next leg of their world tour starting in the UK this week, circling the globe and ending full circle back in London next April. If you’re anywhere out there, don’t miss it.

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