Alex Maher debuts "No One Else"

Since the early 2000’s Vancouver’s Alex Maher has been hitting the venues of this country in various forms. A saxophone player, singer songwriter, guitarist and percussionist who has played with countless artists and on his own with Nettwerk Records Flannel Jimmy, Maher is finally set to release his own collection of solo work today with an EP entitled Aether.  Lead single  “No One Else” combines all of Maher’s strengths in a wonderfully compact four minutes. Kicking off with a sultry blues infused guitar riff that pours itself over a jaunty break beat, you can hear how comfortable Maher sounds here and this is even before the sax solo sneaks in. This is Maher’s version of a protest song. A call to arms letting everyone know that in this current political environment we are all in it together. It’s a common sentiment in this day and age but Alex Maher takes the song as social activism formula and with “No One Else” punches up resistance with a very healthy groove.


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