Astral Swans Release New Video

The Internet is practically synonymous with cats at this point. Countless memes, Instagram accounts and Facebook posts are devoted to those lovable little buddies. Yesterday, Calgary based artist Astral Swans announced the release of his new album Strange Prison with a delightful little video starring one of the cutest little kittens you ever saw. The track, “What Are You Gonna Do With Yourself”, is a lightly introverted psychedelic number featuring a rollicking drumbeat and Swan’s soft and alluring vocals. The album, which drops on May 15th, was co-produced by Scott Munro of Preoccupations, Dan Mangan and Paul Chirka, and features a crew of notable guest musicians including Dan Gaucher of Destroyer fame. This lead single is a nice enticement for what’s to come and if we get more videos of kittens in hoodies then what’s not to look forward to?

KD VIII N7 Glowing

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