Beach Fossils Share New Song

The Our First One Hundred Days project has been rolling along quite nicely leaving in its wake a bunch of money raised for some very worthwhile charities and a ton of great music from some of the best bands and artists working these days.  Brooklyn’s Beach Fossils today contribute track 95 out of 100 with the gentle but spirited “Silver Tongue”.  All chiming guitars and rolling bass lines, “Silver Tongue” traipses charmingly around its hazy vocal melody while some very compassionate drumming tethers the affair down to the earth just anchoring it so it avoids absconding into a dream. Its nice, refreshing pace bodes well for the material that will be featured on Beach Fossils upcoming June 2nd release Somersault. While waiting for that to drop, contribute to this great cause by checking out this new track and start your week off by settling into the amiableness of Beach Fossils’  “Silver Tongue”.

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