Belle and Sebastian Release New Song!

Belle and Sebastian seem to be in the middle of a renaissance. The Glaswegian band just announced that they are releasing a series of EPs, under the name How To Solve Our Human Problems, on December 8th, January 18th and February 16th. To kick this off they have just dropped the first single from the project entitled, “I’ll Be Your Pilot.” For fans of the band “I’ll Be Your Pilot” will hit all the right notes. Inspired by becoming a parent, bandleader Stuart Murdoch says, “Having your first kid is a huge event, so I wrapped a lot of things I felt about Denny into the song. Being a dad made me feel a little like the pilot in The Little Prince, hence all the references to the Sahara!” The tracks gentle melody will instantly hook you and as it grows with each added harmony, building to a round featuring so many wonderful melodies that to try and pinpoint which parts exactly are giving you goose bumps will be a tricky task. Belle and Sebastian just keep getting better and better with every release and with “I’ll Be Your Pilot” the amount of care and love that is on display here is making the short wait till the new EPs drop almost unbearable. Until then just hit repeat.

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