Black Mirror-Like "Little Destroyer" Video Is Perfection

Little Destroyer has this great ability to write danceable pop hits that are tempered with a healthy dose of melancholy. Their new track, and namesake, “Little Destroyer” puts this talent on display in the best possible way. A few weeks ago, the Vancouver based trio release the video for said track and it is a perfect visual accompaniment to the song. Directed by Connor McGuire, with the concept by himself and the band, the clip plays out like a scaled down Black Mirror episode. Lead vocalist Ally Sheldan is featured in between bits and bursts of pixilation and loading failures, at one point covering up her face with makeup that immediately makes her indistinguishable from her surroundings. Is it the idea of people getting consumed and swallowed whole by their use of technology? Is our worlds fast paced information cycle collectively wearing us down, as told by the lyric, “I need to crash”, and making us indistinguishable from each other? Whatever the intent, Little Destroyer have created something here that is interesting, emotionally satisfying and ultimately, extraordinarily human.

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