Blue J Release New Single

Perhaps it’s his outsider perspective, being an Ontario transplant residing in BC, that has allowed songwriter Justice McLellan to craft an album of songs that are so quintessentially Vancouver. Whatever the case may be, McLellan with his band Blue J have been putting out consistently winsome, sardonically melancholic songs that detail the plight of being young and struggling, with music, work and in love, in our fair city. Their newest single “Effort” takes a hard look at the increasing rent issues plaguing Vancouver and the amount of social anxiety and isolationism those pressures can bring. The wonderfully blunt lyrics, “Your stunning view is disappearing/behind four million dollar walls/not that you had the chance to see it /with your second job”, don’t sugar coat the situation while musically the band keeps everything brisk and with a lot of space in between every note to allow the listener to fully absorb McLellan’s message.

Blue J will be celebrating their one-year anniversary as a band as a part of a special 4X4 (4 bands for 4 bucks) at the Fox Cabaret (2321 Main Stin Vancouver this Thursday, April 19.

Give the single a listen on Spotify or Soundcloud.


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