BRONCHO Release Two Songs In One Video

It's been a whole Olympic cycle since Tulsa's BRONCHO made a splash by soundtracking the unexpectedly emotional ad for Tinder Plus, and this past week they put in a massive effort in the video(s) for "Sandman" and "Boys Got To Go". The latter of the two has a firm grip on the beat and tempo of "Closer" by Nine Inch Nails, but it's the former that showcases the talent BRONCHO have over everyone else; they know how to boogie. The thing about this band is that more than half their songs make your shoulders dance or your butt wiggle, and that's because they have studied and honed what made 70s Detroit and the glam scene so special. The drums, vocals, bass, and guitar all dance around each other in ways that only certain musicians know how to make happen, and we should thank each and every one of them for this gift. BRONCHO need to carry this torch going forward, because it doesn't feel like anyone else is around to take the hand-off.

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