General Dome scratches an itch as it pushes, pulls, and intrigues throughout its duration. Inspired by motorcycles, homemade instruments, warehouses and railroads, to call it a “curious ride” seems fitting. The project is somewhat genre defying, but familiar at the same time. Lead vocalist Arone Dyer delivers perfectly sensual and confident melodies that stick to your brain, while the music is equally confident in its spasmodic arrangements, exploding with purpose around every corner. As a whole, the album has a cinematic unraveling that keeps the listener engaged and interested in the mystery of the narrative. Reading about the band as I listened only furthered the crush that was growing in my ears. They believe in creativity, advancement and the ethereal experience of life, and pour it into their music. The duo recorded and produced the album themselves - an impressive feat considering the production value is one of the many standout qualities found on General Dome. Definitely worth checking this one out.
— Jeremy McAnulty

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