Camaromance Release "Audrey"

It’s been eight years since Martine Groulx has made any new music. As the leader of Montreal’s Camaromance, the singer songwriter released three records between 2004 and 2010 then fell off the map. Recently Groulx found herself mourning a series of losses and was inspired to get her feelings out in the best way that she could, through music. Her new album Chasing Clouds will be dropping April 6th on Simone Records and features some of Groulx’s most personal songwriting to date. Today she releases “Audrey” the first single from that album. The track is about the potential of a night out on the town with a group of friends and the promise of adventure that may hold. Highlighted by a chiming arpeggiated guitar line and a sweet sense of tristeese, the track is a beautiful way for Groulx to reintroduce herself to the music scene and if “Audrey” is any indication then we are all in for a treat when the entire album is finally released.

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