Dire Skate | the state of skate in Montreal

The Montreal skate community is huge. We all know that back in the day most cities were totally intolerant of skateboarding -- harassing, fining, even arresting skaters – but in many places, this attitude has changed, giving way to free public skateparks, legalization and a new attitude towards the sport and lifestyle. So why is the city of Montreal so behind the times? Local skateboarding legend Barry Walsh has described the situation as being “in dire straits.” Dan Mathieu’s recently released documentary “Dire Skate” takes a look at the state of skate in Montreal, notably focusing on the heroes of the skate community who took matters into their own hands to make huge accomplishments: saving the Big-O from destruction, legalizing skating in Montreal’s Peace Park, and breaking ground for DIY Project 45. You can watch the full documentary at redbull.com.

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