dounpour Release Dreamy "therapy" Track + Video

There’s a certain kind of charm when a musician decides to forge their own path and start to create music that is just on the other side of what the mainstream would accept as traditional. Take Zane Coppard, a drummer from Victoria who has performed with such luminaries as Louise Burns, Dralms and Smash Boom Pow. His new project, dounpour, is Coppard’s “no frills” approach to music making. Coppard says the project's intention is to create music for the sake of it, like how a child would approach creating music. The latest single from dounpour, “therapy,” is very much in this vein. Complemented with a video by Vancouver-based visual artist Erica Lapadat-Janzen, the song and visual component lean in on the dreamier side of things, taking the viewer on a meditative journey that doesn’t feel unlike its namesake. While dounpour’s music falls on the artier side of things, it’s not a stretch to imagine the appeal of it would transcend to more traditional listeners. 

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