Whether you’re headed out to an upcoming music festival, a coffee shop, or to explore the streets around you, there’s the inevitable age-old question: What bag should I take? The Explorer’s Belt Bag by Vancouver’s Andrea Wong is the perfect answer if you’re like me and want to frolic along, hands free, without having to worry about dragging your purse along. Don’t worry, this is no polyester 80s fanny pack. The Explorer, in black or veg tan, is made from one piece of leather, making the sleeve completely seamless, and two traditional stud closures on the waist belt allow the wearer to adjust to four different points. Such freedom! I can have a beer and text at the same time and not worry about dropping my purse in the street and having it get stomped on by a million people! It can’t just be me, can it? You can check out the rest of the AW by Andrea Wong collection here.

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