Finn Wolfhard's Band, Calpurnia, Releases New Single

A cold realization in life is that you’d think as you get older the emotions you felt as a teenager become something that mellows out and are gradually easier for you to deal with. Listening to the new single “Greyhound”, one of the highlights off of Scout, the debut album by Calpurnia, made me realize that this is probably not the case. A crunchy little number that’s propelled by a wandering, wonderful bass line and anchored with some of the most matter-of-fact, and honestly, quite charming lyrics. The story of a boy and a girl going to a show and then all of a sudden that girl doesn’t want to go to that show or any show with you ever again. Be it you are 15, 20 or 30 plus years old, it just doesn’t get any easier, but it’s awesome that this group of mature teens nail those feelings right on their head. Calpurnia are bringing their cool brand of indie rock to Montreal's Osheaga Music & Arts Festival on August 4th, and to Vancouver for their first ever hometown show at the Vogue Theatre on December 21st.  Invite a date at your own peril.

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