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From May 20th to June 10th, Toronto-based artist Shellie Zhang's most recent exhibition 'Accent' will be on show at the Y+ Contemporary Gallery in Scarborough. A combination of a history of product marketing and archival materials, 'Accent' presents "a case study of the nuanced and radicalized undertones within the everyday." Known for exploring how multiculturalism, diversity, and assimilation are implemented within cultures, Zhang's work often deconstructs notions of tradition, gender, and identity by uniting past and present iconography.

'Accent' is no different. The exhibition aims to open the discussion around the history of MSG - which was originally often marketed under the brand name "Accent,"- the "Chinese Restaurant Syndrome" and how East-Asian restaurants overcame the restrictions they were imposed throughout the years.

In addition to the 3-weeks long exhibition, Shellie Zhang will take part in an artist talk on Saturday, June 3, from 12:00 to 2:00 PM. The event has limited seating so attendees must RSVP at before June 3rd. Lunch will be provided.

For any additional information or dietary restrictions, contact



Y+ Contemporary

1345 Morningside Ave #15, Scarborough, ON

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