The Gaze | Bobby Mathieson Solo Exhibition

A graduate of the Vancouver Film School and the Emily Carr Institute of Art and design in British Columbia, Bobby Mathieson is a Toronto-based remarkably talented artist whose work never ceases to amaze. He has had numerous solo exhibitions in the past and has also presented his work at art fairs (Toronto, Miami, New York).

For this solo exhibition, expect highly textured paintings set in a controlled figurative expressionist chaos, all perfectly orchestrated by Mathieson. His vibrant characters, who appear both playful and terrifying, are portrayed with shocking colors and forms. Bobby Mathieson "bears an element of the violence and gestural abstraction associated with action painting while retaining key facial cues to allow a certain level of recognition and iconic legibility in the obscured faces of [his historically or culturally significant] subjects."

Bobby Mathieson's solo exhibition of emotional complexity and turmoil is running until Sunday, October 16th at the Project Gallery Toronto on Queen St. East. 

For any inquiries, contact

Project Gallery Toronto

1109 Queen St. East, Toronto

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