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Centerfold is not your typical gallery experience. Instead, the Montreal-based organization drifts away from anything traditional and aims at promoting art and creativity by putting together one-night exhibitions that fund those who create.

The idea originated from the desire to drive both a social and economic change within the art industry.  From there, the series of pop-up shows was born. And by showcasing local visual art under a new economic model, Centerfold enables artists to gain exposure and funding through the audience's experience. On the day of the exhibition, attendees donate upon entry and vote for their favorite pieces. Donations, which in fact cumulated over $6,500 since the first exhibition, are then re-distributed amongst the artists based on the percentage of votes they each receive. For the organization, the concept of an art crowd-funding exhibit helps engage the viewer on a deeper comprehensive level.

In short, there's two things you can expect when attending a Centerfold pop-up show: a good time, and an array of themes and mediums from the thriving local art scenes of the various cities in which the exhibitions take place. If you're looking for a new way to experience and view art, this is definitely something you should check out.

For general inquiries, you can send an email to Photos © Centerfold.


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