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"Every deck has a story. 40 artists. 40 decks. One great cause."

 For those who don't know of Fresh Paint Gallery, the project is one to aim at balancing cultural and formative elements while promoting and encouraging the practices of graffiti and street art. "Fresh Hope! A SkateArt Exhibition", its most recent and current show, was born from a collaborative initiative between the gallery itself and the Skateboards for Hope organization.

To help bring the joy of skateboarding to kids in less fortunate parts of the world, 40 artists took part in a massive deck revitalization project: for each participating artist, a fresh, new-looking deck. The exhibition curates the fruits of the artists' efforts before the boards get sent out to their new owners: children in need around the world.

About Skateboards For Hope:

"SFH is an organization that collects used skateboards and finds a new home for upcoming young skaters from different places around the world who are less fortunate and cannot afford to purchase their own gear or in countries where there are no skateboards."

"Fresh Hope SkateArt Exhibition" will run until January 15th, 2017. Don't miss out! For additional information, please contact Ana at or Betty at .

Participating Artists:

Adida Fallen Angel, Andy Dass, Arnold, Axe, Beaf, Borrrris, Carolina Espinosa, Cgo, Emmanuel Laflamme, Eskro, Fléo, Fletcher, Flavour, Futur Lasor Now, Germdee, Gribouilliz, Haks 180, HeR, HoarKor, I Am Batman (Jessie Kravitz), i.mag.e, Kwun, Loopkin, LSNR, MALICIOUZ, Marc Sirus, Marie-Philippe, Mateo, Le Monstr, Naïmo, Nemo, Oram, Paulie, Regimental Oneton, Roc 514, SBU One, Scribe, Susan Shulman, Startkey, TRAKTEUR, TurtleCaps, Valerie Bastille.

Fresh Hope SkateArt Exhibition

Fresh Paint Gallery

209, rue Sainte-Catherine Est, Montreal, Qc


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