The Go! Team Share New Single

The Go! Team is known for their hyperactive collage-esque arrangements. The band has a way with filtering their organized chaos into some of the most highly addictive pop songs of the last decade. With their highly anticipated new album, Semicircle, now out on record store shelves around the world, the team has decided to change things up a bit with the debut of their brand new single “The Only Thing New Is U Finding Out About It.” Driven by the catchiest little kalimba line, the track is almost chill compared to their past releases. While its tropical vibes may seem to be a bit of a departure for the group, they haven’t seemed to have lost any of their edge while leaning into this chill. The drums are still huge, the vocals, while they float in and out, are absolute earworms and even though the sound is somewhat new it’s still decidedly their own.

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