In high school, kids that didn’t want to go to the pep rallies for football games would all go to the cafeteria to hang out. I get the distinct feeling that if Golden Grrrls would have ever shown up to such a gathering with their gear in hand that they would’ve really turned that mother out. This record is bouncy and fun like a well proportioned woman in a bathing suit, but it also has a certain peacefulness and sophistication to it - like if Ladybug Transistor ever got into partying. Each song has a foundation that feels simple at first listen, like a Ramones song, but as the album unwinds you quickly realise that complexity is not spared within its construction. Most obviously, with four of the five band members singing, the vocal arrangements are a constant source of stimulation as they finish each other's lines, harmonize, and do call and response numbers. That said, I quickly became enchanted with the band’s rhythm section, which finds a comfortable balance between driving and swinging throughout the tracks. At times, the bass is the most melodic instrument in the mix. This will be a good top-down-jam when the spring comes to warm us up again in just a matter of weeks. In the meantime, go ahead and learn the sing-alongs, and be ready.

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