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Spring Breakers is exactly what you think it is if you know Harmony Korine's work. Spring Breakers is nothing like what you think it is if you're expecting bubblegum Disney princesses having a few soda-pops laying by the beach.

Perfectly casted, Spring Breakers stars Selena Gomez (Faith), Vanessa Hudgens (Candy), Ashley Benson (Brit), and Rachel Korine (Cotty) as four best friends wanting to experience life—and their wild side—outside of their dull hometown. They do this by robbing the Chicken Shack diner to have enough money to go to Spring Break at Panama City Beach. They get there and spring break is in full force: bikini-clad girls letting loose by drinking, dancing, and letting go of all inhibitions while escaping reality. During a night of partying, the foursome end up getting arrested on drug charges. What could be the end of their spring break turns into only just the beginning when they are bailed out unexpectedly by Alien, an infamous local thug played by James Franco. Alien introduces the girls to his world of sex, guns, money, and power—offering temptation and dangerous territory.

Spring Breakers is visually stunning with hyper-stylized neon colours almost as if it is "lit up with skittles." Korine describes the film as "mimicking a drug experience," taking you on a ride with quick, extended, slow-motion, and looped scenes that jump forward and backwards.

Spring Breakers will make you uncomfortable at times, but could we expect anything less from Harmony Korine? Spring break forever, bitches.

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