Harry Styles Shares New Track "Sweet Creature"

One Direction has been on hiatus now since last January and the race to be the Timberlake-esque breakout star of the group continues today with the release of Harry Styles' new single “Sweet Creature”.  Styles' self-titled solo debut drops May 12th and between this new track, his appearance on SNL and an upcoming week-long residency on the Late Late Show with James Corden (which should push the limits of anyone’s patience), Harry is doing his damndest to stay ahead of the pack. Unfortunately “Sweet Creature” lacks any real charisma, originality or spark to woosh Styles to the top. With what sounds like a Tallest Man On Earth b side, Styles acquits himself nicely vocally but the whole endeavour is plagued with a boring arrangement that keeps a plodding pace for the running time all while adding in some ill advised Graceland like harmonies that don’t really fit. At the end of the day “Sweet Creature" isn’t for me and I’m sure it will do its job showcasing Harry’s sensitive side all the while sucking the fun out what should’ve been a pretty effervescent affair.

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