Holiday Sidewinder Releases New Track "Leo"

There's no such thing as a slut. A woman who gets all the action she wants is studly. Holiday Sidewinder has the nerve and charm to pull off this message without delivering it from the cross, or at the very least, the soapbox. Her latest song, a number so sparkly and catchy it wouldn't be out of place as a Kylie Minogue hit, has a clear and boastful message: I got laid, it felt good, that's as simple as it needs to be. The lead voice in the song had a few mojitos, went home with a boy, barely remembers his face, and had a nice time. It's the type of nonplussed attitude about casual sex that we all could consider for ourselves, or better yet, for the women in our lives around us. 

Styled by the (evidently) brilliant Emma Trask, the video features Holiday Sidewinder in the most magnificent variances of outfits, using a full slouch of perfect men as furniture. The genius in the direction might be the fact that every viewer will watch this repeatedly, because you never know where to rest your eyes on each frame: the ball-hurtingly hot alabaster beauty of the artist performing, framed wonderfully with thoughtful fashion, or the wallpaper of men sculpted from graphene. "Leo" is just another hit from a tier of music that it seems like only the Australians are keeping alive. Whether it's Holiday Sidewinder, Alex Cameron, Jack Ladder, Donny Benet, or Kirin J Callahan, Australian artists are doing what we haven't seen in about a decade: filling the mid-level of music with hooks and playfulness. The 90s ennui basically drained pop music of all its fun, and the 2000s downloading model dissolved the middle class of venue-fillers who aren't on terrestrial radio (if terrestrial radio mattered anymore). Seeing artists like this make quality, well-produced music that is both catchy as it is lacking lyrical vapidity, feels disturbingly rare in 2018. Please hold on to "Leo" and all of HS's equal Aussie contemporaries' singles. They're the last embers left of the fire between the niche and the mundane. 

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