INTERPOL Releases New Song, "Number 10"

Lurking under couches and in cupboards behind corn starch in many American homes are the remnants of the last stand of guitar-based music, from back in the early part of this century. The front lines being fought by the White Stripes and the Starlite Desperation, the war eventually was lost when Jet exposed the flank by not obeying orders, and the entire army collapsed. 

Captured and POW'ed for a while were bands like Interpol, perhaps best remembered for being thoroughly compared to the musical equivalent of cocaine by solipsist-who-writes-about-solipsists Chuck Klosterman. However, Interpol have slogged through the last decade by maintaining a commitment to their fans, and the dying instrument known as the guitar. What's the last interesting thing anyone has done with a guitar? Was it Tom Morello? Sub question: was Tom Morello's work even that interesting, or was he just wah-wahing the sound of him plugging and unplugging a patch cord? Whatever it is, Interpol should be commended by trying their best to keep it exciting. On their latest song, they attempt to marry American arena rock with the work of British contemporary heroes like Andy Bell, and they almost make something worth widening a few eyes for. However, in a time where playing the guitar is about as useful as speaking fluent Latin, this song might unfortunately be put to rest in the tomb of the unknown soldier. 

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