ION Premiere: Gemology - "Come Around"

Joanie Wolkoff is a plucky musician. Her varied and constant creative output should be studied for a pamphlet on how to be an artist. Living in New York City after defecting from Toronto, and still maintaining a life, a passion, and putting out song after song of warm creations a listener just wants to curl up in until Labour Day, is pretty much impossible, even in a half-decent musical climate, of which we are certainly not in. The fact that she is, in this writer's opinion, the most reliable songstress of the past five years despite the workload and balance required, is worth of a statuette. 

Her latest tour around the internet is with current collaborative counterpart, Natasha Chitayat, the two of which make up GEMOLOGY. Their video for "Come Around" is fully femme-powered, from the directors, to the woman who sold them the pillows they destroyed their apartment with. No men were involved in the making or editing or ANYTHING of this video. The song is a half tempo neck-snapper that cuts up vocals in the most satisfying way, set to a washy backdrop of vintage fetishism. Set your watch to the beat of "Come Around" and set a Google alert for anything these two gals do in the future, because it will almost certainly come as a needed relief from an otherwise nauseating day. 

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