J Mascis Shares Debut Single From New Album

Over the last thirty odd years there hasn’t been a much more consistent outfit than Dinosaur Jr. Fans of the band have always known what to expect, the best kind of bittersweet melodies mixed with epic guitar solos that haven’t sounded this good since, well, ever really. The band has released ten studio albums and now lead singer/shredder J Mascis has announced his third solo outing, Elastic Days, which is available everywhere November 9th via Sub Pop records. Besides being slightly gentler, there isn’t that much to differentiate between a Mascis solo release comparatively to his band and, to be honest, that isn’t a bad thing at all. His new single, “See You At The Movies”, is another great song in a songbook that is littered with great songs. The contemplative drawl and the soaring solos remain intact but the whole endeavor is a little bit quieter but without sacrificing any emotion. There’s something infinitely comforting about listening to this man sing and play guitar, and because of this the build-up to Elastic Days is going to feel as lengthy as Mascis’s many guitar solos.

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