A jacket for all seasons | Pantone Colorwear

I know, I know, it barely feels like winter has come at all this year, but we still have a few more months of winter left to weather out, and anything could happen. Yay, Canada! But instead of getting too Dashboard about it, it’s all about looking forward to making the deep freeze as fun, fashionable and versatile as possible. On that note, Pantone Colorwear is proud to announce the launch of “The System Jacket.” It includes three elements that can be combined into one amazing jacket, or mixed and matched allowing for nine different jacket options. The water-resistant and windproof windbreaker incorporates fusion seams, removable sleeves and a hood that has the option to be hidden or removed. The down jacket, also with detachable sleeves and hood, is warm and breathable, and the vest has aluminum inside the padding to provide a high level of protection while still being thin and extremely flexible. Whatever Mother Nature throws your way, The System Jacket has got you covered.


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