Kandle Releases New Video

Modern love. How do you tread the landscape of trying to establish a connection with anyone through countless apps, a steady and scrolling plethora of options and the knowledge that maybe there’s really not one person out there for everyone? It’s enough to make you want to take off to the middle of nowhere, move into a tiny pink trailer and cultivate your very own ‘Lars and The Real Girl” type situation. In the new video for Kandle’s “Broken Boys” our heroine does just that. Set over top a lilting, lovely vocal melody and gently strummed acoustic guitar, Kandle shows us that perhaps even love in your own imagination is just as hard as it is in real life. Kandle is releasing her new album, Holy Smoke, on September 28th via Sleepless Records. Armed with an incredible pedigree, including guest spots by Peter Dreimanis of July Talk and production by the mighty John Angello, Holy Smoke should serve as an amazing introduction to an exciting new artist. If all goes well, Kandle should soon be able to abandon the trailer and the dummy and explore a more lively relationship with her new audiences in venues all over the world.

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