King Tuff debut "Psycho Star"

The sprawl of Los Angeles is a very unique thing. Even if you haven’t been there before you’ve probably seen enough movies to know exactly what that looks and probably smells like. From the businessmen rushing along on their phones to the angelic youth soaking up the sun atop a pair of roller blades to the ranting and ravings of the more eccentric members of the community, the new Cameron Dutra directed video for “Psycho Star” by psychedelic provocateur King Tuff deftly captures both the surreal and humdrum aspects of this world. From his just announced forthcoming album The Other, “Psycho Star” is a riotous piece of 70s disco pop heavy on the hooks and a third chorus key change that will burrow this ear worm so deep into your head it may just take up residence.  If the album, which drops via Sub Pop, is anything reminiscent of this lead off track, then we are all in for a treat come April 13th.

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