Legacy Act L7 Release New Single, "I Came Back To Bitch"

“Hey, we’re getting the band back together.” That sentence can either be an absolute joy or a complete nightmare depending on the situation. At the moment we seem to be knee deep in 90s nostalgia. Dinosaur Jr. has been putting out consistently good records since their original lineup reunited. BLUR gave it another kick at the can and made a surprisingly awesome addition to their discography. Even Pavement and Guided By Voices decided to do a victory lap. On the heels of all of that comes the return of one band that actually seems as vital as ever. Today L7 released their new single and video for “I Came Back To Bitch” and even though they hadn’t been a band for a decade plus, it sounds like they haven’t missed a step. “I Came Back To Bitch” is an awesome way to craft a song and to answer to anyone who would ask why after all this time is the band reuniting. With the state of affairs right now in the United States it makes sense that L7 would dust off their RAT pedals and crank up their amps for another go. The clip, directed by Joel Fernando, looks like it came straight out of an episode of “120 Minutes”. It shows these four, strong and talented musicians not only kicking out the fucking jams but possibly positioning themselves to become the role models of a generation of people that were born from the original generation they inspired in the first place. That’s just cool.

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