The LEGO Batman Movie – Trailer #4

The LEGO Movie was great and I love Will Arnett's "LEGO Batman" character, but I'm a little vexed about this movie. Is there a LEGO Gotham City? Does LEGO Gotham City exist in the same universe as The LEGO Movie? Are they still in Will Ferrel's basement? 

Why is there much pop music in this trailer? Are music royalties way cheaper if you're making your movie in LEGO? Did they get LEGO Wiz Khalifa to perform "Black and Yellow"? 

I love the idea of playing Batman's brooding for comedy, but does that make this movie a Batman spoof? 

Is there a LEGO multiverse? Does this count as an Elseworlds? Are we going by Toy Story rules where there are thousands of LEGO Batman's and they all think they're the only LEGO Batman? In that case, is Batman a fictional character in The LEGO Batman universe? Does that mean The LEGO Batman movie actually takes place on Earth-Q? 

I have a lot of questions, so I guess I'm seeing The LEGO Batman movie when it comes out. 

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