Leisure Club "Hollow Heartbeat" Premiere for ION

If only there was a way to capture the feeling of summertime and keep it around for when you need it most. Park hangs with pals, road trips to the lake, the way a crush can make you feel. While we may not have a spray available to take us back to these moments, we do have Leisure Club. Vancouver’s tropical five piece have been setting our summer hearts ablaze the last few years and today they release the video for their brand new single “Hollow Heartbeat”. Created with Papaya Naranja and Talentos Productions, the clip features a bright-eyed, red-headed gal, who is essentially summer incarnate, dancing around the city projecting what the band says is the central crux of the song. “We can’t force others to love us the same way we love them, and time won’t wait for someone to change how they feel, but we can live our lives as best we can and be there for the people we care about as best we can.” As Leisure Club says in the absolutely catchy and explosive chorus, “All I bet was a little bit of hope/Time won’t stand, but I’ll wait here for you.” As summer descends on our city, it’s a nice message to keep in your heart. A little bit of hope can go a long way. 

Leisure Club - "Hollow Heartbeat" from PapayaNaranja on Vimeo.

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