Lila Rose | All The Beauty [audio]

Lila Rose claims to have an "ultrasound sensitivity", which is kind of like those "super tasters", who can't drink any booze except for mead (ed note: gross), and make those retching histrionics any time they accidentally eat cilantro, except it's with your ears and not your tongue. Apparently it's like a simultaneous curse and gift, but unlike those taste bud super humans, the rest of us get songs like this from Toronto-born, but California citizen, Lila Rose.

The song is recommended for anyone who digs stuff like Florence Welch or The Kick Inside-era Kate Bush. The breakdown bridge is pretty passionate, and has that soaring, siren vibe that is popular with people who like their female songstresses to be more in tune with adults rather than being really really really really really really meant for 12 year old, Disney soundtrack fans.

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