Marc De Storm

I don’t know about you, but I bike absolutely everywhere: to the gym, over to the office, from errand to errand, home from the bar (although admittedly that’s usually not a great idea). It’s an integral part of my daily life here in the city. Unfortunately, most clothing doesn’t make a seamless transition between your biking self and your everything-else self. That’s what makes Marc De Storm so amazing. A Montreal-based company, Marc De Storm produces contemporary cycling wear that is functional both on and off a bicycle. Co-founder Brendon Chrus says, “Whether biking to a pub, cafe or work presentation you will arrive chic and comfortable.” Their clothing uses a mixture of technical and natural fabrics, and incorporates traditional craftsmanship and cycling specific details. If that wasn’t enough, all of their products are made locally, many using recycled or organic fabrics.

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