Maryze/Ciele Release "Men Like You"

The music industry has and continues to be an extremely tough place for female artists to navigate. There are so many upsetting stories that we have all heard and now the wonderfully talented ex-Vancouverite and current Montreal resident Maryze is here to share her story. Instead of trying to fill this space with platitudes about the track we would rather let Maryze and her producer Ciele tell their story and the inspiration behind this song in their own words. 

*CW: Sexual assault.* We acknowledge the following content can be triggering and difficult for survivors of sexual trauma.

October 10/11, 2018 - 'Men Like You' is an open letter to abusers; more specifically in our stories, those who have abused their power through sexual assault in the music industry. 

The song is a call for accountability, but also a battle cry for survivors of assault and harassment: a message of solidarity for those who have felt silenced, shamed, or doubted. 

We personally felt there was a lack of content addressing the systemic mistreatment and injustices women, female-identifying, and non-binary artists face in the music industry while working with men in a position of power. By sharing our experiences, we hope to play a part in moving the conversation forward, and giving visibility to these normalized, imbalanced power dynamics.

We understand the difficulty of being able to speak out about sexual trauma, for fear of putting oneself at risk emotionally, professionally, and physically, among many other reasons survivors do not report assault. Neither of us felt comfortable or safe enough to make our stories public before the recent heightened conversation surrounding movements such as Me Too, founded years ago by civil rights activist Tarana Burke, and #WhyIDidntReport. When we shared our similar experiences with each other, we built a foundation of mutual trust, support, and a vision that brought this project together. We felt less alone, and finally seen, which is a feeling that we hope to share through this song. 

"Men Like You" is our effort in raising awareness around this widespread issue. We hope it not only reaches the ears of abusers, but more importantly, empowers survivors. By standing together, with and for survivors of sexual assault, we believe our stories can no longer be ignored. 

By sharing our truth, we retaliate. 

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