Mesa Luna Release "Feel Nothing"

As the year slowly lumbers to a close, there’s a collective sense of sinking into some sort of hibernation mode. The weather is gloomier, it’s dark earlier and this overall sense of ennui seems to be hanging permanently in the air. If any of this rings true for you then Mesa Luna has arrived with the perfect soundtrack. The pet project of Blue J’s Justice McLellan, Mesa Luna’s first single, “Feel Nothing”, off of its upcoming album Lash, is a swirly, shoegaze-y tumble into the best kind of melancholy. Heavy, not in the way that it’s loud and distorted, but in which it will envelope you and make you feel like something is literally pressing on your emotional heart. It’s a dark and beautiful way to welcome in the final month of the year and one that has become, at least in my household, an instant holiday classic. 

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