Montreal's Maryze Releases Follow-Up Sophomore Single

It's been nearly three months since Seaborne singer Maryze has debuted her solo material, and in that time she has evidently decided to return to her long time producing partner, Solomon K-I. Solomon, who is the other half of Seaborne, might seem like a peculiar choice to produce. Why release something as a solo artist to breakaway from a group, but use the exact same lineup? That's probably something worth asking both members (and it's likely they both have quite different answers from one another), but the strong guess would be that the average listener (not that there is such a thing anymore) wants a personality to connect with online rather than a collective. Either way, we are lucky that Solomon has varied chops behind the rig, so it's not like this song comes off as a buried Seaborne b-side or something.

Frankly, the duo probably shouldn't split up. "Their Hearts" feels far more natural than the cross-continental collaboration of "B.O.Y." so perhaps teamwork makes the dream Björk when it comes to Maryze and Solomon. The track will probably get added to a few Spotify playlists to cruise the rest of the summer to, and don't be surprised if you hear it on Riverdale or some equally melodramatic programme this fall. 

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