Mudhoney Release New Track "Paranoid Core"

The mighty Sub Pop Records is having their dirty thirty this year and today the legendary PNW label has announced they will be releasing the 10th studio album from Seattle mainstays Mudhoney on September 28th. As one of the OG ‘Grunge” bands of the late 80s, Mudhoney has been blowing out bedroom speakers with their brand of fuzzed out aggression for thirty years and it’s refreshing to see not much has changed with the band.

Yesterday they released the new album's premier single, “Paranoid Core”, and it plays to all their strengths. Lead singer Mark Arm still has as much energy and anger as he did throughout the 90s and the band can clearly still rip it up. Buoyed by an absolutely pleasant walking bassline, “Paranoid Core” plays out like an updated “We Didn’t Start The Fire” with Arm and crew running through a laundry list of what is seemingly any American right-winger’s worst nightmares. It’s mad, it’s heavy, it’s political and, honestly, pretty fun. It’s nice to hear that the thing you started out doing when you were a kid can still feel as relevant and fresh today as it did when it began. Happy Birthday Sub Pop and Mudhoney, here’s to thirty more!

Photo: E. Rieman

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