Natasha Bedingfield's "Hey Boy" Sends Clear (Yet Watery) Message to Future Son

If your Facebook friend’s skin-deep political screed blaring the most obvious clarion call of progressive politics were set to music, then it would probably sound something like Natasha Bedingfield’s “Hey Boy”, her hot take-laden jam culled from the soundtrack to Served Like a Girl, a new documentary profiling a series of American women returning to civilian life after tours of Iraq and Afghanistan. That’s all well and good. In today’s topsy-turvy world of neo-fascism and mass shootings, who doesn’t enjoy a steaming bowl of shallow moralizing every now and again? And to her credit, Bedingfield appears to know a thing or two about dropping truth bombs with max force on her bridge and tunnel audience. On “Hey Boy” she skewers – get this – Donald Trump AND Harvey Weinstein. How’s THAT for controversial? Hold on, let me catch my breath for a moment. But why stop with arguably the most flagrant examples of toxic masculinity, at least in recent memory? Come on, Natasha, spare us the #notallmen treatment. Telling us to “swipe left” on Trump and channelling Sinéad O'Connor by tearing up a picture of Weinstein’s ugly mug doesn’t exactly do anyone a service, especially when it’s accompanied by such lame faux-Amy Winehouse crooning. It’s time to chemically castrate the lot of us. The attack on the “Lego tower” feels personal, though. That shit meant a lot to me growing up. Guess I’m just a stupid boy after all!

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