New Flight of the Conchords Song

Hey son, why don't you come over here so we can talk man to man? I know it’s been a strange time lately with your mother being gone and you only seeing me once a week. You must have a lot of questions. Well, instead of boring you with all the gruesome details about your mother and I, just listen closely to the new Fight Of The Concords single, “Father and Son,” that was just released today. Oh, this is a live version of the song taken from their Live In London HBO special. No, I don’t think they have a new album coming out anytime soon but this is definitely a nice reminder about how talented these two are. So let me just press play here and, sorry, oh yes, it was released by Sub Pop records, that’s my boy. Okay, listen carefully and if you have any questions, we will just listen to it again. Love you too, buddy. 

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