New Titus Andronicus Release

Titus Andronicus have had a very interesting career. Things really kicked off for the New Jersey bred band with the release of their sophomore record The Monitor. A sprawling double album about the American Civil War really turned heads when it came out. They followed that up with the stripped down Local Business and then 2015’s A Most Lamentable Tragedy, which took the form of a 93-minute, five-part rock opera.  To say that this band is ambitious is kind of an understatement. Today they have released the second single and live video, for “Above The Bodega (Local Business)", off of their upcoming Merge release A Productive Cough. Completely shedding their punk rock roots, “Above The Bodega (Local Business)” shows the band has now fully completed their transition into the E Street Band. Joined by a horn section and make shift choir, the new song is a delight. Filled their trademark literate hoodrat sentiments but now mixed with a very grimy 1970s NYC aura that adds a welcome amount of depth to the proceedings.  The album drops on March 2nd and if it’s filled with more of this type of atmosphere then it should be a real treat to dig into.

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